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Here are some main questions you can expect to get answered throughout all of the modules. Feel free to comment or ask a question directly in the course but Facebook will be our main source of communicating.

» How do I start?
» Is Airbnb investing right for me?
» CanI do a 1041 Exchange? 
» What if I have bad credit?
» Do I need a property manager? 
» Is it legal in my area? 
» Will my property cashflow?
» How much cash do I need to start?
» How quickly cash will start coming in?
» How do I find and buy the best Airbnb investment?
» How do I repair my credit?
» How do I pull Airbnb comparables?
» Will I need to set-up a co-hosting or hosting business?
» How do I scale? 
» How do I calculate my ROI on an Airbnb property?
» What makes an ideal Airbnb investment home?
» Where should I purchase?
» Should I flip or airbnb?
» How much does will it cost to furnish?
» How do I optimize my Airbnb listing?
» What is my nightly rate? 
» What is my occupancy?
» How to automate an Airbnb
» How much time will it take to set-up
» Is Hospitality & Customer Service important?
» How do I improve a listing & ranking?
» What happens when there's a problem?
» How do I automate and streamline?
» How do I use do arbitrage? or sublet?
» How do I cohost or start management company
» How do I remit taxes? 
» How to limit liability
» How do I set up an LLC and run my rental biz.
and much much more!

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